Dalhousie Young Sheet Music

Dalhousie Young born in India, was a pianist who studied with Leschititzky and enjoyed a notable career as such. He also composed. His orchestral Christmas Hymn and Suite were both performed at Bournemouth under Dan Godfrey. His stage music included the "gesture plays" Prince Pierrot, Pierrot on Toastand Robe of Feathers and incidental music to Netta Syrett's Six Fairy Plays. He wrote a cantata The Blessed Damozel, but he was best known for smaller scale vocal items likeBredon Hill and other Housman songs (which have understandably sunk without trace), the eight piece In a Gondola cycle, the Six Oriental Epigrams and the intriguingDithering Ditties: Antigua, Kidderminster, Calcutta, Spain and Powder and Paint. His published piano output appears to be curiously sparse and I have traced only aRigaudon and a Sicilienne.

  • Born: 23rd November 1866
  • Died: 13th June 1921
  • Birthplace: India

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