Constantin Christian Dedekind

Constantin Christian Dedekind Sheet Music

  • Born: 2nd April 1628
  • Died: 1715
  • Birthplace: Reinsdorf, Thuringia

Constantin Christian Dedekind was a German poet, dramatist, librettist, composer and bass singer of the Baroque era. From 1654 he was a bass singer in the Kapelle of Johann Georg II, Elector of Saxony in Dresden. From 1666 to 1675 he held the position ofKonzertmeister there; however, he directed only the German singers within the Kapelle, a grouping referred to as the kleine deutsche Musik, as distinct from the Italian ones. He himself had requested this split in a letter of 1666 to Johann Georg II. His resignation of the position in 1675 seems to have been an eventual outcome of this rivalry.However, becoming a tax collector for the Elector enabled him to accumulate a fortune. He was also a publisher, mainly of musical scores, though not a very successful one. Dedekind's wide circle of friends in Dresden included composers such as Heinrich Albert, Adam Krieger and Heinrich Schütz, as well as poets like Johann Joseph Beckh, Michael Kongehl, Christoph Kormart and David Schirmer.

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