Claudio Conti Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    13th March 1836
  • Died
    24th December 1878
  • Birthplace
    Capracotta, Italy

Claudio Conti was a Professor and composer. At eleven years he became passionate about the art of music, so his father (in 1847) sent him to Naples to schools of the Royal College of San Pietro a Majella, and in less than a year, Mercadante wanted him among the few students that he taught. After a lot of music that he composed for the College Counts both sacred and profane, he wrote an anthem for the event to the throne of Francis II (1859) and in the same year he composed a Mass, a Creed and a hymn. He wrote a lot of music for the church, and lots of vocal chamber music published by Clausetti. He is the author of the famous work i the Teatro Bellini in Naples "La figlia del Marinaro." In 1867-68 he published two albums of beautiful chamber music. In 1869 impresario of the Teatro San Carlo commissioned him to compose the Anthem for the birth of the Prince of Naples, which was a great success. He wrote an elegy for large orchestra in memory of the death of Mayerbeer of which he was a great admirer. It would be along the enumerate one by one his compositions, for he was a tireless writer.In January 1871 Vittorio Emmanuele II awarded him the Cross of Knight of the Equestrian Order of the Crown of Italy.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Piece for Cello and Orchestra Symphonic Pieces Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra