Charles Wakefield Cadman

Charles Wakefield Cadman Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    24th December 1881
  • Died
    30th December 1946
  • Birthplace
    Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA

Charles Wakefield Cadman was an American composer. Cadman first and foremost was a serious composer who wrote for nearly every genre. His chamber music works are generally considered among his best. He introduced elements of ragtime music into the classical music format, anticipating Gershwin, Stravinsky, and Milhaud, among others. His Piano Trio, Op. 56, composed in 1913, drew the critics' attention and praise for his innovations.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
The Vision of Sir Launfal Cantata Voice(s) and Instruments
Legend and Caprice, Op.30 Caprice Organ
The Robin Woman Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra
2 Piano Solos, Op.70 Piano piece Piano
3 Moods, Op.47 Piano piece Piano
Idealized Indian Themes, Op.54 Piano piece Piano
Meditation Piece Organ
Melody in a Folk-song Style Piece Organ
Legend of the Canyon, Op.68 Romance Solo Instrument and Piano
Romance in G-flat major Romance Harp
Sayonara, Op.49 Romance Voice(s) and Piano
Piano Sonata, Op.58 Sonata Piano
4 American Indian Songs, Op.45 Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
A Moonlight Song, Op.42 No.2 Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
Album of Songs Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
From Wigwam and Tepee, Op.57 Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
Magnolia Blooms, Op.60 No.2 Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
The Morning of the Year Song Cycle Choir and Instrument
From Hollywood, - Suite, Op.80 Suite Piano
Oriental Suite, Op.75 Suite Piano