Benny Davis

Benny Davis Sheet Music

  • Born: 21st August 1895
  • Died: 20th December 1979

Benny Davis (August 21, 1895 – December 20, 1979) was a vaudeville performer and writer of popular songs. He composed the classic 1926 standard "Baby Face" with Harry Akst. Davis started performing in vaudeville in his teens. He began writing songs when working as an accompanist for Blossom Seeley. His first success was 1920's "Margie", with music by Con Conrad and J. Russel Robinson. His most popular song was "Baby Face", written in 1926 with Harry Akst. For Broadway, Davis wrote the score for the 1927 rendition of Artists and Models and for the 1929 show Sons o' Guns. His career lasted until the mid-1930s.

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