August Freyer Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    15th December 1803
  • Died
    28th May 1883
  • Birthplace
    Oberschaar, Germany

Karl August Freyer was a German-Polish organist and composer of church music of the 19th century. Karl August Freyer was not only respected music teacher and virtuoso, but also a prolific composer. He wrote mostly organ music, but also chorales, preludes, variations for piano and even dances. Many of his compositions are still played today. In addition, he also created a handbook of organ music and edited a songbook for the Protestant communities of Poland. His works have been published in Berlin, Leipzig, Warsaw and even New York.

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Concert Variations, Op.2 Theme and Variations Organ
Concert Variations, Op.3 Theme and Variations Organ
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Instruments Organ
Forms Theme and Variations