Arturo Cuccoli

  • Born: 17th July 1896
  • Died: 1st December 1935
  • Birthplace: Bologna, Italy

Arturo Cuccoli was an Italian Cellist. When he was only six years old, he learned from his older brother Egidio the basics of music and started playing cello. Then, after a period of inactivity due to a number of diseases, he started to learn in the school of the famous cellist Francesco Serato. At eighteen years old, he began a busy career in music, which led him to play in various orchestras, where he acquired rich experiences. He lived in America, and joined the orchestra in Rio de Janeiro. Back in Italy, he was hired first in Bologna and then in Naples. He then on toured in the Iberian Peninsula and, briefly, for a second time in America. Just with twenty years old he entered the concert scene as a solo artist, getting applauded in various Italian cities and Monte Carlo, to later become principal cellist in the orchestra Sonzogno, and finally, get the same role in the theater of Trieste, where he arrived in 1893. He still found a way to go to Germany and Russia, and play in the trio Nachtigall of Warsaw.