Arthur A. Clappé Sheet Music

  • Born: 22nd July 1850
  • Died: 22nd November 1920
  • Birthplace: Cork, Ireland

Arthur A. Clappé was a bandmaster, composer and writer. Clappé studied at the Trinity College of Music, London and the Royal Military School of Music (England) (Kneller Hall). He served in Canada as director of the Governor General's Foot Guards Band 1877-84. He then moved to the USA, where he became prominent as a bandmaster and in 1918 founded the US Army Music School. He was the editor for some years of Metronome and later of another magazine, Dominant. Canada's Welcome, a masque 'as shewn before his Excellency The Marquess of Lorne and H.R.H. Princess Louise on February 24 1879 at the Opera House, Ottawa,' with words by F.A. Dixon, was not only the largest work Clappé wrote in Canada but also, with 102 pages of music, one of the largest scores published (J.L. Orme, Ottawa, 1879) and printed in Canada up to that time. Typical of Clappé's other Canadian works are such titles asUnited Empire Valse, Farewell Waltzes (dedicated to the Earl and Countess of Dufferin), and the song 'Softly Round Thy Pillow,' all published or advertised in 1878. His song 'Love is Light' was reprinted in CMH vol 3. Clappé's publications also include The Band Teacher's Assistant (New York 1888), The Wind Band and Its Instruments(London 1912, Portland, Me 1976), The Principles of Wind-Band Transcription (New York 1921), and others

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