Aleksander Zarzycki

Aleksander Zarzycki Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    26th February 1834
  • Died
    1st November 1895
  • Birthplace
    Lviv, Ukraine

Aleksander Zarzycki was a Polish pianist, composer and conductor. Author of piano and violin compositions, mazurkas, polonaises, krakowiaks, and songs. In 1871 he co-founded and became a first director of the Warsaw Music Society (Warszawskie Towarzystwo Muzyczne). In the years of 1879–1888 director of theWarsaw Music Institute (Insytut Muzyczny w Warszawie).

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Mazurka, Op.26 Mazurka Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra
Spiewnik na jeden glos, Op.13 Piece Voice(s) and Piano
Suite polonaise, Op.37 Suite Orchestra