Albert Ketèlbey

Albert Ketèlbey Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    9th August 1875
  • Died
    26th November 1959
  • Birthplace
    Lozells, England

Albert William Ketèlbey was an English composer, conductor and pianist. Ketèlbey was born in Alma Street in the Lozells area of Birmingham, England, the son of an engraver, George Henry Ketelbey (written with no accent), and Sarah Ann Aston. At the age of eleven he wrote a piano sonata that won praise from Edward Elgar. Ketèlbey gained a scholarship to the Trinity College of Music in London, where he showed his talent for playing various orchestral instruments reflected in the masterfully colourful orchestration, especially of oriental inspiration, that became his trademark. At Trinity he beat Gustav Holst in competition for a musical scholarship. He used the pseudonyms Raoul Clifford and Anton Vodorinski for some of his works (some reference books mistakenly give Vodorinski as his true name and Ketèlbey as the pseudonym). His name is frequently misspelt Ketelby.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Petite Caprice Caprice Piano
Wedgwood Blue Dance Piano
2 Studies, Op.50 Etude Piano
Study, Op.5 Etude Piano
Bells across the Meadows Intermezzi Piano
In the Moonlight Intermezzi Piano
Victory Bells Intermezzi Piano
Bow Bells Piano piece Piano
In a Monastery Garden Piano piece Piano
The Phantom Melody Piano piece Piano
In a Persian Market Symphonic Pieces Orchestra