Abraham Tena Manrique

Abraham Tena Manrique Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    29th June 1973
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Abraham Tena Manrique is a Spanish piano player and music composer. At the beginning of the year 2013, Publications Beethoven has published some of his works for both piano solo and four-hands piano. In addition, a string quartet dedicated to Contreras Quartet, a four-hands piano composition for a project regarding Nietzsche - which was successfully performed in the prestigious CCCB in Barcelona together with the philosophy professor Gregorio Luri - and a collection of 7 Fantasies and many other works, are all an out to be published soon.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Bagatelle, Op.23 Bagatelle Piano
Capricho in G minor, Op.3 Caprice Piano
3 Fantasiestücke, Op.28 Fantasy Solo Instrument and Piano
Confesión, Op.8 Fantasy Piano
Fantasía for Piano Four Hands, Op.18 Fantasy Piano 4 hands
Fantasía in C minor, Op.1 Fantasy Piano 4 hands
Impromptu, Op.25 Impromptu Piano
2 Nocturnos, Op.4 Nocturne Piano
Nocturno for Piano Four Hands, Op.19 Nocturne Piano 4 hands
Nocturno No.3, Op.9 Nocturne Piano
Nocturno No.4, Op.13 Nocturne Piano
2 Ausencias y Epílogo, Op.2 Piano piece Piano
Amanecer, Op.14 Piano piece Piano
El Adiós, Op.5 Piano piece Piano
El camino del Peregrino, Op.20 Piano piece Piano
Ensoñación, Op.10 Piano piece Piano
L, Op.29 Piano piece Piano
Mesógeios Thálassa, Op.24 Piano piece Piano
Otoño, invierno...otoño, Op.16 Piano piece Piano
Parafraseando a Nietzsche, Op.21 Piano piece Piano 4 hands