Medieval Dance Tunes Sequence

Paul Arden-Taylor (shawm, bombarde, recorder, rauschpfeife) Elizabeth Wright & Malcolm Peake (strings/percussion).  A medley consisting of: (1) 0:00 - 1:19, a salterello, often modernly called "La Regina", from mss London, British Library, Additional 29987, pages 62v & 63r, . Late 14th or early 15th century Italy.  (2) 1:19 - 2:15, "La Quinte Estampie Real" from the manuscript called "Chansonnier du Roi" (mss Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, fronds français 844, page 104r.)  Second half of 13th century. (3) 2:15 - 3:31, an excerpt (the first part) from "Tre Fontane", an istampitta from mss ... more

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RecordingAnon - Medieval Dance Tunes


Medieval Dance Tunes Sequence


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