101 Classics

88 pieces:Liszt, Liebestraum, p.2 Delibes, Grande Valse, p.6Tschaikowsky, Danse Chinoise, p.10 Thomas, Romance from Mignon, p.12Verdi, Anvil Chorus, p.14Wagner, Walther's Prize Song, p.16Beethoven, Minuet in G, p.18Beethoven, Ecossaise, p.19Bizet, Toreador's Song from Carmen, p.20Schubert, Moment Musical, No.3, p.23Field, Nocturne in D Minor, p.24Chopin, Mazurka in C, p.26Chopin, Mazurka in F, p.26Chopin, Ecossaise, p.28Bach, Prelude in D Minor, p.29Bach, Gavotte in G, p.30Mendelssohn, Allegro non Troppo op.72, p.31Mendelssohn, Dance of Clowns ... more

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