Dunstan 101 Classics

88 pieces:Liszt, Liebestraum, p.2 Delibes, Grande Valse, p.6Tschaikowsky, Danse Chinoise, p.10 Thomas, Romance from Mignon, p.12Verdi, Anvil Chorus, p.14Wagner, Walther's Prize Song, p.16Beethoven, Minuet in G, p.18Beethoven, Ecossaise, p.19Bizet, Toreador's Song from Carmen, p.20Schubert, Moment Musical, No.3, p.23Field, Nocturne in D Minor, p.24Chopin, Mazurka in C, p.26Chopin, Mazurka in F, p.26Chopin, Ecossaise, p.28Bach, Prelude in D Minor, p.29Bach, Gavotte in G, p.30Mendelssohn, Allegro non Troppo op.72, p.31Mendelssohn, Dance of Clowns from A Midsummer Night's Dream, p.32Schumann, Phantasietanz, p.33 Gluck, Ballet from Orfeo, p.34Brahms, Waltz in Ab op.39 no.15, p.35Heller, Arabeske in C op.49 No.1, p.36Brahms, Waltz in D Minor, op.39 No.9, p.37Handel, Sinfonia from Almira, p.38Liszt, Consolation No.4 (simplified arrangement), p.39 Gounod, Flower Song from Faust, p.40Moussorgsky, A Tear (Eine Träne), p.42Purcell, Overture & Hornpipe from Bonduca, p.44Tschaikowsky , Chanson Triste, P.46Wilson, The Shepherd Boy, p.47Palmgren, The Call of the Sea, p.49Chopin, Notturno op.15 No.2, p.50Wagner, The Prayer Motive (Overture to Rienzi), p.52K.P.E.Bach, Solfegietto Wq. 117/2, p.54Hauser, Wiegenlied, p.56Delibes, Pas des Echarpes, p.57Thomas, Gavotte from Mignon, p.60 Tschaikowsky , Danse Russe (Trépak), p.62Brahms, Hungarian Dance No.2, p.64 Brahms, Hungarian Dance No.4, p.66Pleyel, Rondeau, p.68 Shield, Giuoco. Alla Sclavonica, p.70Haydn, Gipsy Rondo, p.72Yradier, La Paloma (La Colombe), p.75Nevin, Narcissus (Water Scenes), p.78 Mozart, Andante in C (from a Trio for Pf., Vl., & Cello), p.80Traditional, Song of the Volga Boatmen, p.81 Moszkowski, Fabliau op.76 No.3, p.84Lange, Edelweiss, p.88Scarlatti, Tempo di Ballo, p.91 (= Sonata D Major K. 430)Mozart, Air from Don Giovanni, p.92 Mozart, Canzonetta from Don Giovanni, p.93Handel, Largo, p.94Chopin, Mazurka in A Minor op.68 No.2, p.95Beethoven, L'Adieu, p.96 Traditional, Londonderry Air, p.98Kalkbrenner, Nocturne in Ab, p.100Heller, Arabeske in A op.49 No.2, p.102Cirri, Minuet in F, p.103 Dussek, Minuetto Di Ballo, p.104 Beethoven, Andante in G, p.105 Corelli, Gavotte in A, p.106Corelli, Gigue, p.107 Schumann, Papillon No.8, p.108 Heller, Blumen-Frucht and Dornenstücke op.82 No.3, p.109 Heller, Andante in Bb op.78 No.4, p.110 Handel, Sarabande in G Minor (from Harpsichord Suite No.7), p.111 Gluck, Tambourin from Iphigenia in Aulis, p.112 Gluck, Minuet in D from Iphigenia in Aulis, p.113Giardini, Siciliana, p.114 Schumann, Kinderscenen (13 Pieces), p.115 Boccherini, Minuet in A, , p.130 Gluck, Minuet in F from Orfeo, p.131 Heller, Prelude in A op.81 No.7, p.132 Handel, Gigue in G Minor from Harpsichord Suite No.7, p.133 Gluck, Pantomime from Orfeo, p.134 Delibes, Andante from La Source, p.135 Krebs, Corrente in Bb, p.136 Krebs, Bourrée, p.137 Zipoli, Gigue in G Minor, p.138 Kirnberger, Gavotte in D Minor, p.139 Bertini, Allegretto in F, p.140 Handel, Dance of Spectres from Admeto, p.141Delibes, Variation from La Source, p.142 Delibes, Dance Circassienne from La Source, p.143 Bertini, Minuet in G, p.147 Wagner, Spinning Chorus from The Flying Dutchman, p.148 Strauss, Blue Danube Waltzes, p.150
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