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22 pieces in 2 parts:Part 1Diabelli: Rondo in G major (3rd movement from Le bouquetier, Sonatina, Op.151 No.1)Dussek: Allegro in F major (1st movement from the Sonatina, Op.19 No.3)Kuhlau: Sonatina in G major (No.2 from 6 Sonatinas, Op.55)Beethoven: Minuet in G major (No.2 from 6 Minuets, WoO 10)Lynes: Rondoletto in D major, Op.24 No.3Bach (J.S.): Prelude in C major (Prelude No.1 from Das wohltemperierte Klavier I, BWV 846-869)Clementi: Presto in G major (1st movement from the Sonatina, Op.36 No.5)Bach (C.P.E.): Solfeggietto (Solfeggio in C minor, H.220)Schumann: Choral in G major (No.4 from the Album für die Jugend, Op.68)Rhode: Andante in F majorPart 2Mendelssohn: Allegretto (from Op.72)Mozart: Fantasia in D minorHarthan: Album LeafBeethoven: Allemande in A majorSartorio: Andante in C majorDurand: PastoraleDaquin: RigaudonHeller: ScherzandoBoccherini: Menuett in A majorFoote: Rondo in G majorMozart: Menuet in E♭ majorDaquin: The Cuckoo (Rondo)
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