Samuel Alexandre Rousseau

Samuel Alexandre Rousseau 楽譜

  • うまれた: 11th 6月 1853
  • 死亡しました: 1st 10月 1904
  • 出身地: Neuve-Maison, France

Rousseau Samuel Alexandre was a French composer. Son of an harmonium builder, he studied at the Paris Conservatory under César Frank (organ) and François Bazin (composition) in 1878 and received the Grand Prix de Rome for the cantata The Daughter of Jephthah. During his stay at the Villa Medici in Rome from 1879 to 1881, he composed several operas, including Dianora , which was represented at the Opéra-Comique. After returning to Paris, he became organist and accompanist at St. Clotilde Basilica , and later choirmaster at St. Vincent de Paul.