Henry Berger

Henry Berger 楽譜

  • うまれた: 4th 8月 1844
  • 死亡しました: 14th 10月 1929
  • 出身地: Berlin, Germany

Henry or Henri Berger was a Prussian Kapellmeistercomposer and royal bandmaster of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi from 1872 to his death. Berger was born Heinrich August Wilhelm Berger in Prussia and became a member of Germany's imperial army band. He worked under the composer and royal bandmaster of Germany, Johann Strauss, Jr. Originally, the Kaiser Wilhelm I of Germany loaned Berger from his Potsdam station to King Kamehameha V to conduct the king's band.[1] He arrived in Honolulu in June 1872, fresh from service in the Franco-Prussian War.[2] In 1877, King Kalākaua appointed Berger to full leadership of the Royal Hawaiian Band. In 1879, he became a naturalized citizen of the Kingdom of Hawaii.