Auguste Mathieu Panseron 楽譜

  • うまれた: 26th 4月 1796
  • 死亡しました: 29th 7月 1859
  • 出身地: Paris

Auguste Mathieu Panseron was a French composer and voice teacher. He studied in Vienna with Antonio Salieri, having been accepted by the master thanks to a recommendation by Luigi Cherubini. In 1824, Panseron began teaching singing at the Conservatoire de Paris. Early in his career, he wrote four works for the Opéra-Comique in Paris: La Grille du parc (1820), Les Deux cousines (1821), Le mariage difficile (1823), and l'École de Rome (1829). Other works for stage followed. However, he achieved wider recognition as a composer by producing more than 200 popular and patriotic songs, including romances, barcarolles, and chansonettes, and by his large number of religious works in all forms, including seven masses.