Arnold Schering

Arnold Schering 楽譜

  • うまれた: 2nd 4月 1877
  • 死亡しました: 7th 3月 1941
  • 出身地: Breslau, Germany

Arnold Schering was a German musicologist. He grew up in Dresden as the son of an art publisher. He learned violin at the Annengymnasium from which he graduated in 1896. Thereafter he studied violin at the Berlin School of Music under Joseph Joachim. From 1898 until 1902 he studied music in Berlin and Leipzig and wrote his dissertation on the instrumental concertos of Antonio Vivaldi (in German, Geschichte des Instrumentalkonzertes bei Antonio Vivaldi) and this work was influential in resurrecting the music of this composer. In 1907 he made his habilitation and was made a professor of music in 1915. In 1920 Schering gathered evidence that composer Johann Sebastian Bach usually used 12 singers in his cantatas and other vocal works. This insight eventually became influential in the early music movement. From 1928 onward he taught as a professor of musicology in Berlin.