Alfred Hollins

Alfred Hollins 楽譜

  • うまれた: 11th 9月 1865
  • 死亡しました: 17th 5月 1942
  • 出身地: Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England

Alfred Hollins was an English organist, composer and teacher, who was noted as a recitalist in Scotland. He was blind from birth. Hollins did make multiple concert tours. In 1904, Hollins toured New Zealand and Australia. In 1907, 1909 and 1916 he went to South Africa to give a series of concerts at Johannesburg and Cape Town, giving the opening recital for the organ at the new Town Hall in Cape Town. He had been instrumental in developing the specification for the organ. In 1913 he played in Germany, recording for the Welte Philharmonic Organ. In 1922, Hollins was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Music from Edinburgh University. This was in addition to being made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Organists in 1904. He died in Edinburgh in 1942, aged 76.