Orazio Vecchi

Orazio Vecchi Spartiti Musicali

  • Nato: 6th Dicembre 1550
  • Morto: 19th Febbraio 1605
  • Luogo di nascita: Italy

Orazio Vecchi was an Italian composer of the late Renaissance. He is most famous for hismadrigal comedies, particularly L'Amfiparnaso. He was born in Modena, and studied with Salvatore Essenga, a Servite monk there. In addition he prepared for holy orders with early education at the Benedictine monastery, and took holy orders sometime before 1577. By the end of the 1570s he was well-connected with the composers of the Venetian school (for example Claudio Merulo and Giovanni Gabrieli) since he collaborated with them in writing a sestina for a ducal marriage. During this period he accompanied Count Baldassare Rangoni on his travels, going toBergamo and Brescia.