John Zundel

John Zundel Spartiti Musicali

  • Nato: 10th Dicembre 1815
  • Morto: Luglio 1882
  • Luogo di nascita: Hochdorf, Switzerland

John Zundel was an organist, composer, arranger, and pedagogue. Zundel was perhaps best known for his hymn BEECHER, widely used in American hymnals with "Love Divine" by Charles Wesley. Zundel was born in the village of Hochdorf an der Enz in what was then the Kingdom of Württemberg, Germany. He attended the Royal Academy at Esslingen, Württemberg, from 1829 to 1831, then he began teaching at the local school in Birkach, Germany. In 1833 he was appointed teacher of music in Esslingen. During this time, Zundel studied the violin with a pupil of Bernhard Molique. Also he studied the organ first with J.G. French and then with Heinrich Rinck.

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