Giuseppe Caimo Spartiti Musicali

  • Nato: 1545
  • Morto: 1584
  • Luogo di nascita: Milan, Italy

Gioseppe Caimo (also Giuseppe) was an Italian composer and organist of the Renaissance, mainly active in Milan. He was a prolific composer of madrigals and other secular vocal music, and was one of the most prominent musicians in Milan in the 1570s and early 1580s. Caimo published four books of music which have survived, and six which are lost. The four surviving collections are two books of madrigals, for four and five voices respectively (Milan, 1564 and Venice, 1584), a book of Neapolitan canzoni (villanelle) for three voices (Milan, 1566), and a second book of canzonette, this one for four voices (Venice, 1584). The lost publications include madrigals, canzonette and motets, published in Brescia and Venice.

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