Alexandre Batta

Alexandre Batta Spartiti Musicali

  • Nato: 9th Luglio 1816
  • Morto: 8th Ottobre 1902
  • Luogo di nascita: Maestricht, Netherlands

Alexander Batta was born a virtuoso cellist. he received from his father, a singing master, his first instruction in music, and at first practised violin playing. After some time his father was appointed "professeur de solfege" at the Brussels Conservatoire, and in consequence the family Batta took up their abode in the Belgian capital. There the talented boy heard the Cello master, Platel, play, and the desire of emulating him was awakened. He succeeded in inducing his father to let him share Platel's instruction at the Conservatoire. By persevering industry he succeeded in gaining the first prize with Demunck at the competition of his class in 1884. In 1885 he went to Paris, where he found a good reception. This decided him to make it his home.

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