Wilhelm Neuland

Wilhelm Neuland Partitions

  • Né : 14th juillet 1806
  • Mort : 1889
  • Lieu de naissance : Bonn, Germany

Wilhelm Neuland was a German musician, born in 1806. In his youth he worked as an oboist, clarinetist and cellist in the music corps of the army, but had to give up due to health issues. He then settled down as a music teacher in Bonn. In 1828 he was appointed as music director of the "Société philharmonique" in Calais. Between 1830 and 1835 he also worked as a choir director and vocal, piano and composition teacher in London . During this time he commuted every six months, alternating between London and Calais. His reputation as a composer allowed the publication of his works in prestigious publishing houses. In light of the political situation during the Franco-German War and the German unification, Neuland moved back to Bonn, where he served as choir director until his death in 1889. Neuland work as a guitarist has not been taken note: in 1830's London there was an important guitar scene, and Neuland's guitar works constitute an important group of pieces within his oeuvre.