Invitation to the Dance, Op. 65

Invitation to the Dance (Aufforderung zum Tanz) is the name of a rondo for solo piano written by Carl Maria von Weber in 1819, and dedicated to his wife Caroline. The piece was famously orchestrated by Hector Berlioz in 1841 as a contribution to production of Weber's 'Der Freischütz' at the Paris Opera. He transpoed it from D flat major to D major, a brighter key, better suited for orchestral writing, and re titled it Invitation to the Waltz (thus beginning the tradition of mistakenly naming the Weber workInvitation to the ... plus
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RecordingInvitation to the Dance, Op. 65 ('Invitation to the Waltz' orchestral arr. - Berlioz)


Invitation to the Dance, Op. 65


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