Henry Ecles Partituras

  • Nacimiento: 1670
  • Fallecimiento: 1742
  • Lugar de Nacimiento: Londres, Inglaterra

Henri Eccles was an English composer. He was the son of composer Solomon Eccles and the brother of composer John Eccles. He played in the court of King Louis XIV. However, conceiving himself neglected in England, he went to Paris, where he was admitted a member of the French King's band. In 1720 he published there, in two books, Twelve Solos for the Violin. The first book of these sonatas contains adaptations from Giuseppe Valentini's op. 8, which Eccles lay under his contribution for his slow movements, supplying only the perfunctory quick ones himself. In 1723, Eccles produced twelve sonatas for Violin and Figured Bass, most notably the Sonata in G minor. These sonatas were influenced heavily by the work of Giovanni Valentini.

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