Christian Michael Wolff Partituras

  • Nacimiento: 1707
  • Fallecimiento: 1789
  • Lugar de Nacimiento: Alemania

Christian Michael Wolff was a German organist and composer. Both his grandfather Friedrich and his father Christian Friedrich (d October 1721) occupied important musical posts at the church of St Mary's in Stettin, where he himself was organist for almost 60 years. He spent three years in Berlin (1729-32), and on his return succeeded his former composition teacher, Michael Rohde, as organist of St Mary's. In 1745 he applied for the additional position of castle organist: 'An organist cannot live on 100 gulden without additional work. In any event the cantor and Musicus instrumentalis [of St Mary's] also go up to the castle since its church service falls within an hour of their own'. Wolff took part in the dedication of two new organs, at the castle in 1751 and at St Mary's in 1776. For the latter he composed a cantata, possibly one of many that have not survived.

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