Agostino Donini Partituras

  • Nacimiento: 22nd Abril 1874
  • Fallecimiento: 8th Febrero 1937
  • Lugar de Nacimiento: Verolanuova (Brescia), Italia

Agostino Donini was an Italian composer. He began his musical studies with the master L. Colleoni, to later inscribe at the Milan Conservatory, where he studied under L. Mapelli for counterpoint, fugue and organ and V. Ferroni for composition . He graduated in 1900 after a distinguished academic career (many of his compositions gained praise and acclaim, and in 1898 won the Bonetti competition with the one-act opera Judith). Later he was called in the conservatory as a teacher of harmony, counterpoint and fugue, also receiving the appointment of substitute organist. In 1902 he was appointed deputy director and organist at the Chapel of the Holy House of Loreto, led at that time by G. Tebaldini, with whom he worked for seven years. The relevant production of Donini, dedicated almost entirely to liturgical music, is largely still unpublished. It is especially remember the solemn Mass in honor of s. Augustine for four voices and organ (Milan 1908); Mass "Tu es sacerdos" for three male voices and organ (Bergamo 1928); the unpublished: funeral Mass "Filiis patriae inclytis" six voices, brass and organ ad libitum, and the Requiem Mass "Patri pauperum" two equal voices and organ of 1922 (at Ed. Sacred music, Milan).