Music theory

Textbook Topics


1.     Reading Music: Pitch 

2.     Reading Music: Rhythm

3.     Whole Steps, Half Steps, and Enharmonics

4.     Major Scales and Key Signatures

5.     Minor Scales and Key Signatures

6.     Intervals

7.     Interval Inversions 

8.     Compound Meter

9.     Triads, Triad Inversions, and Figured Bass

10.Diatonic Triads for Major and Minor Keys

11.Seventh Chords

12.Chord Progressions

13.  Transposition of Simple Melodies

14.  Chromatic Scales and Solfege 

15.  Fingering chart and Solfege 

16.Sight-Reading Exercises (Melodic)

17.Sight-Reading Exercises (Rhythmic)

Musical Instruments


The String Family

·       Violins and Violas

·       Cellos and Double Basses

·       Guitar

·       Harp

The Brass Family

·       Trumpet

·       French Horn

·       Trombone

·       Tuba

The Woodwind Family

·       Flute

·       Clarinet

·       Oboe

·       Bassoon

The Percussion Family

·       Drum Kit

·       Unpitched Percussion

Pitched Percussion