Method Books

Why Get a Clarinet Method Book?

A good method book can go a long way in your journey to be a clarinetist. The book you use in band class is probably missing vital technique exercises and information specific to the clarinet. This is because it was created to help teach an entire class of different instruments; not just the clarinet. If you want to become a better player you will need to supplement your school materials with a good method book that teaches and reinforces specific skills needed to play the clarinet.

What Book Should I Buy?

Below you will find a list of quality method books that you can add to your repertoire and daily practice routine. It will be most helpful if you always read the information provided in the book as a guide for HOW to practice. You should also talk to a private clarinet teacher in the area to see which book and which pages are most appropriate to practice as the books don’t necessarily go in a logical order.

These books are recommended for the very beginning elementary through advanced high school player. You will probably only need to go through the intermediate books unless you are studying with a private teacher.

Tip: Always start with the less advanced books and then move your way up. Even if you are an advanced player, and especially if you are not taking private lessons.

Very Beginning Clarinet Method Books

  • A Tune a Day for Clarinet, vol. 1 & 2

  • Rubank Elementary Method for Clarinet

  • Learn As You Play Clarinet by Peter Wastall

  • Abracadabra Clarinet

Progressing Beginning Clarinet Method Books

  • My First Klose

  • Kal Opperman Elementary Velocity Studies

  • The Progressing Clarinetist (Etude Book)

  • First Book of Practical Studies for Clarinet (Scale Book)

  • Second Book of Practical Studies for Clarinet (Etude Book)

  • Galper Clarinet Method Book 1

Intermediate Clarinet Method Books

  • Klose Celebrated Method for Clarinet

  • C. Baermann Complete Method for Clarinet, Vol. 2

  • Baermann Complete Method for Clarinet, Vol. 3 (scale book)

  • Kal Opperman Intermediate - Advanced Velocity Studies

Advanced Clarinet Method Books

  • F. Kroepsch 416 Progressive Studies

  • Paul Jean's Vade-Mecum du Clarinettiste - 6 Etudes written for specific clarinet issues

  • Rose 40 Etudes (if you have a private teacher to coach you)

  • Paul Jean's Vade-Mecum du Clarinettiste - 6 Etudes written for specific clarinet issues

  • Kal Opperman Virtuoso Studies (be sure to start with Elementary and progress to Intermediate and Advanced)

What Else Should I Consider?

  • There are plenty more method books out there for you to choose from. If you see something you like why not give it a chance?

  • Search for etude books that are used for all-state auditions.

  • Try to look through the pages of the book before buying it. This will prevent you from wasting your money on something that is hard to understand or too advanced.

  • Find a fun song book with a play-along CD to practice with. Just make sure the level is appropriate for you. Try an easier book first and then progress to the harder ones, even if you are an advanced player.

  • If you start getting serious about playing clarinet find a private teacher as soon as possible.