Oskar Nedbal

Oskar Nedbal Notenblättermusik

  • Geboren: 26th März 1874
  • Gestorben: 24th Dezember 1930
  • Geburtsort: Tábor, in southern Bohemia

Oskar Nedbal was a Czech violist, composer, and conductor of classical music. Nedbal was born in Tábor, in southern Bohemia. He studied the violin at the Prague Conservatory under Antonín Bennewitz. He was principal conductor with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra from 1896 to 1906 and was a founder member of the Bohemian String Quartet.Although a great admirer of his teacher Antonín Dvořák, Nedbal paid homage to other composers. His works include one (unsuccessful) opera, Jakob the Peasant (1919–1920), and the operettas Chaste Barbara (1910), Polish Blood (1913), The Vineyard Bride (1916), and Beautiful Saskia (1917). Because of mounting personal debts, Nedbal committed suicide by jumping out of a window of the Zagreb Opera House on 24 December 1930.

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