Antonio Cano

Antonio Cano Notenblättermusik

  • Geboren: 1811
  • Gestorben: 1897
  • Geburtsort: Lorca, Spain

Antonio Cano was a Guitarist, teacher and composer. This pupil of Dionisio Aguado originally practised medicine before devoting himself to the guitar and teaching at the Madrid Conservatoire. He was also official archivist to Queen Isabella the Second. We are indebted to Cano for his guitar method published in 1852 and reprinted in 1868 with an additional treatise on harmony adapted to the guitar. Antonio Cano composed about a hundred pieces and exercises for the guitar.It is probable that he gave lessons to Francisco Tarrega and contributed to the development of the technique of the tremolo. His main contribution to the world of music is his guitar tutorial: "Método de Guitarra" (1852). Text provided by Norbert Fischer.

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