Fabrizio Fontana

Born: c. 1620

Died: 28th December 1695

Birthplace: Torino, Italy

Fabrizio Fontana was an Italian organist and composer. He Began his career as an organist in the church of S. Maria in Vallicella, among the Fathers of the Oratory, where he served until september 24th 1657. In this period is documented its presence in the Council of the Congregation of St. Cecilia.From 1652 assumed the post of "guardian" of the section of the organists, as the meeting of January 16 of that year. Busy person in charities, subsidized singer T. Felicelli until the year 1691. Virtuoso of the spinet in Colonna, in September 1657 he was commissioned to replace Alessandro Costantini organ of St. Peter. Of his production. it is known only one edition, that of Ricercari for organ (Rome, GM Mutii, 1677), recently reissued (Milan 1975) by G. Doderer.

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