Theodor Kullak

Theodor Kullak ورقة الموسيقى

  • مولود: 12th سبتمبر 1818
  • مات: 1st مارس 1882
  • مسقط الرأس: Krotoschin, Poland

Theodor Kullak was a German pianist, composer, and teacher. The 24-year-old opted for a Viennese education. Carl Czerny happily took over his pianistic schooling, and Otto Nicolai and Simon Sechter, the theoretical side of things. Franz Lisztand Adolf von Henselt were also highly revered influences. Kullak played a little in Austria that year but in 1843 returned to Berlin where Fraulein von Hellwig secured him the post of pianoforte instructor to Princess Anna, the daughter of Prince Karl. This was just the beginning. Kullak seemed subsequently to make a speciality of teaching princes and princesses of the Royal house, as well as the offspring of many upper-class families who became aware of his excellent professorial qualifications, connections and, presumably, his unimpeachable manners.