Giuseppe Valentini ورقة الموسيقى

  • مولود: 14th ديسمبر 1681
  • مات: نوفمبر 1753
  • مسقط الرأس: Italy

Giuseppe Valentini, nicknamed Straccioncino (Little Ragamuffin), was an Italian violinist, painter, poet, and composer, though he is known chiefly as a composer of inventive instrumental music. He studied under Giovanni Bononcini in Rome between 1692 and 1697. From 1710 to 1727 he served as ‘Suonator di Violino, e Componitore di Musica’ to Prince Michelangelo Caetani. He also succeeded Corelli as director of the concertino at San Luigi dei Francesi, from 1710 to 1741. Though during his lifetime overshadowed by the likes of Corelli, Vivaldi, and Locatelli, his contribution to Italian baroque musicis noteworthy, and many of his works were published throughout Europe.