Frederick Corder

Frederick Corder ورقة الموسيقى

  • مولود: 26th يناير 1852
  • مات: 21st أغسطس 1932
  • مسقط الرأس: Hackney, in London, England

Frederick Corder was an English composer and music teacher. He was born in Hackney and approached the piano from a young age. He studied under Henry Gadsby, Claude Couldery, George Alexander Macfarren, William Cusins, and William Watson. In 1875 he earned a Mendelssohn Scholarship, which enabled him to study for four years abroad. He spent the first three in the Cologne Conservatory in Germany, where he studied under Ferdinand Hiller and Isidor Seiss. He spent his last year in Milan, Italy without formal instruction. He did however meet Arrigo Boito and Giuseppe Verdi. Upon his return to England, in 1879, he became conductor at the Brighton Aquarium. Corder became professor of composition at the Royal Academy of Music, becoming the Academy's curator in 1889. His students included composers like Granville Bantock, Arnold Bax, York Bowen, Alan Bush, Eric Coates, Benjamin Dale and Joseph Holbrooke, as well as his own son, Paul Corder. With others, Frederick Corder co-founded the Society of British Composers in 1905 and served as its first chairman.

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