Antonio Duni ورقة الموسيقى

  • مولود: 1700
  • مات: 1766
  • مسقط الرأس: Matera, Italy

Antonio Duni (Matera, 1700 - Schwerin, 1766) was an Italian composer. He was the older brother of the composer Egidio Duni and the jurist and philosopher Emanuele Duni. Son of Francis, choirmaster of the Cathedral of Matera, studied under Nicola Fago at the Conservatory of the Pietà dei Turchini Naples. Upon graduation he was first in Trier and then in Spain, where he was active as choirmaster and music teacher at the Duke of Osuna and Madrid as a composer; in this city experienced probably the famous singer Farinelli. Later he was constantly traveling through Europe: after having been for some time in Paris, was in Schwerin in 1755, in September 1757 and arrived in Moscow between 1765 and 1766 he worked as a teacher in Riga. On July 5, 1766 returned Schwerin, where he made a petition to take service under the Duchess of Mecklenburg: it is still not know how it was the outcome of this request.

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