Jacques Ibert

Jacques Ibert樂譜

  • 出生
    15th 八月 1890
  • 死亡
    5th 二月 1962
  • 出生地點

Jacques François Antoine Ibert was a French composer. Having studied music from an early age, he studied at the Paris Conservatoire and won its top prize, the Prix de Rome at his first attempt, despite studies interrupted by his service in World War I. Ibert pursued a successful composing career, writing (sometimes in collaboration with other composers) seven operas, five ballets, incidental music for plays and films, songs, choral works, and chamber music. He is probably best remembered for his orchestral works including Divertissement (1930) and Escales (1922).

標題 形式 樂器
Aria Aria / Arietta Solo Instrument and Piano
La Ballade de la Geôle de Reading Ballade Orchestra
Diane de Poitiers Ballet Orchestra
Capriccio Caprice Orchestra
Cello Concerto Concerto Cello
Concertino da camera Concerto Chamber group
Flute Concerto Concerto Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra
Louisville-concert Concerto Orchestra
Jeux Duet Solo Instrument and Piano
Ouverture de fête Overture Orchestra
Française Piano piece Piano
Histoires Piano piece Piano
Le vent dans les ruines Piano piece Piano
Les rencontres Piano piece Piano
L'espiègle au village de Lilliput Piano piece Piano
Matin sur l'eau Piano piece Piano
Noël en Picardie Piano piece Piano
Pièce romantique Piano piece Piano
Toccata sur le nom d'Albert Roussel Piano piece Piano
3 Pièces Piece Organ