Renaissance Music Recordings and Sheet Music

The Renaissance in music is said to have begun around the year 1400, and finished around 1600 with the coming of the Baroque period. The social and economical developments which changed literature and art at the time also affected music: the Reform, the invention of the press, the rise of humanistic though, the recovery of the Greek cultural heritage, and the dawn of scientific though, all played their part into the development of a new, relatively unified polyphonic style. The emergence of a bourgeois class meant an increased demand for trained musicians: the forms of the chanson, motet, and madrigal flourished, and academic music escaped from the exclusively religious sphere. New instruments were created, and academic and secular music started influencing each other. In this context, composers sought new ways of expression, experimenting with rhythm, harmony, form, and notation, and taking liberties with the texts. Near the late 1500s the system of church modes began to break down, establishing the foundations of what would later become functional tonality. Some of the most popular composers of the Renaissance are Guillaume Dufay, Johannes Ockeghem, Josquin des Prez, Giovani Pierluigi da Palestrina, Orlando di Lasso, William Byrd, Tomas Luis de Victoria, Giovanni Gabrieli, Carlo Gesualdo, John Downland, and Michael Praetorius.

標題 作曲家 形式 樂器 打分
All People Clap Your Hands Thomas Weelkes Anthem Voice(s) and Instruments
Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir Johannes Eccard Anthem Choir
I am the Resurrection and the Life Thomas Morley Anthem Solo voice(s)
Inni Girolamo Cavazzoni Anthem Organ
Kirchenwerke Antonio Draghi Anthem Solo voice(s)
Nolo mortem peccatoris Thomas Morley Anthem Choir
O How Amiable are Thy Dwellings Thomas Weelkes Anthem Chamber group
When David Heard Thomas Weelkes Anthem Choir
A French Ayre Orlando Gibbons Aria / Arietta Organ
A Pretty Ducke There Was John Bartlet Aria / Arietta Solo voice(s)
Aire for 3 Viols Thomas Morley Aria / Arietta Chamber group
Airs for 2 Viols Charles Coleman Aria / Arietta Chamber group
Airs for 3 Viols John Cobb Aria / Arietta Chamber group
Airs for 4 Viols Thomas Brewer Aria / Arietta Chamber group
Amor opra che puoi Orazio Vecchi Aria / Arietta Solo voice(s)
Aria della Comedia Marco Facoli Aria / Arietta Organ
Aria della Marchetta Saporita Marco Facoli Aria / Arietta Organ
Aria della Signora Fior d'Amor Marco Facoli Aria / Arietta Organ
Aria della Signora Livia Marco Facoli Aria / Arietta Organ
Ayre Orlando Gibbons Aria / Arietta Organ
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