N/A Music Recordings and Sheet Music

標題 作曲家 形式 時期 打分
Ma Normandie Frédéric Bérat Anthem Romantic
5 Bücher über die Musik Anicius Manlius Severinus Boëthius Books Medieval
6 Principal Rágas Sourindro Mohun Tagore Books Romantic
A Briefe and Short Instruction on the Art of Musicke Elway Bevin Books Renaissance
A Complete Treatise on Music Anton Bemetzrieder Books Classical
A Cyclopaedic Dictionary of Music Ralph Dunstan Books Romantic
A general history of music, from the earliest ages to the present period Charles Burney Books Baroque
A History of the Literature of Piano Music César Cui Books Romantic
A Key to Chadwick's Harmony George Whitefield Chadwick Books Romantic
A Manual of Orchestration Hamilton Clarke Books Romantic
A Musical Grammar John Wall Callcott Books Classical
A New Way of Making Fowre Parts in Counterpoint Thomas Campion Books Renaissance
A Plain and Easy Introduction to Practical Music Thomas Morley Books Renaissance
À travers chants Hector Berlioz Books Romantic
Abstract of a New Method of Teaching the Principles of Music Anton Bemetzrieder Books Classical
Abstract of the Talents and Knowledge of a Musician Anton Bemetzrieder Books Classical
Allgemeine Litteratur der Musik Johann Nikolaus Forkel Books Classical
An Essay on Musical Expression Charles Avison Books Baroque
An Explanation of the Notes, Marks, Words, etc. Used in Music John Wall Callcott Books Classical
Anleitung zur Erfindung der Melodie und ihrer Fortsetzung Johann Friedrich Daube Books Classical