Nicolaus Cracoviensis Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • 出生
    c. 1500
  • 出生地點

Nicolaus Cracoviensis (or Mikołaj z Krakowa) was a 16th-century Polish composer. Not much is known about his life. His name appears in the Kraków University archives as organist at the Kraków court. The biggest part of his compositions is contained in two great Polish organ tablatures: by Jan z Lublina (1537–48) and theCracow Tablature (ca. 1548). They include his masses, motets, songs, dances and preludes. His works show Italian influence. The most known of his works is the choral work Aleć nade mną Wenus (You, Venus, above me).

標題 形式 樂器 打分
Ave Jerarchia Chorale Organ
Hayducki Chorale Organ
Alia poznanie Piece Organ
Preambulum in F Prelude Organ
Salve Regina Sacred Mass Organ
過濾器 隱藏
Instruments Organ
Forms Chorale · Piece · Prelude · Sacred Mass