Henri Cieutat

Henri Cieutat Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • 出生
    15th 七月 1861
  • 死亡
    22nd 十一月 1906
  • 出生地點
    Paris, France

Henri Cieutat was a French composer, mainly of dance forms fashionable in the 1880s. His pieces, published in Paris, are partly listed in Pazdirek.

標題 形式 樂器 打分
La fiammina Ballet Orchestra
Le chateau de Mac-Arrott Ballet Orchestra
Fantaisie-Mazurka Fantasy Piano
Fantaisie-Valse Fantasy Piano
Impromptu Impromptu Piano
Pavane Pavane Piano
Entr'acte pour piano Piano piece Piano
La raquette Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano