Georgy Dulov

Georgy Dulov Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • 出生
    4th 七月 1875
  • 死亡
  • 出生地點

Georgy Dulov was a Russian violinist. Son of pianist Alexandra Zograph-Dulova, husband of singer Mary Dulova (Bukovskaya), father of harpist Vera Dulova. He studied at Charles Klamrota, then graduated from the Moscow Conservatory (1895). Between 1896-1901 in St. Petersburg, became the second violinist in the Quartet Duke of Mecklenburg. Then, for medical reasons, he moved to Moscow, he taught at the Moscow Conservatory. The author of the book "A Course of violin playing" and chamber works for violin.

標題 形式 樂器 打分
Allegro de concert, Op.4 Symphonic Pieces Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra