Cantique de Jean Racine, Op. 11

Gabriel Fauré wrote his Cantique de Jean Racine in 1865, when he was only nineteen years old. Catalogued as Op. 11, it is a work for mixed chorus and piano, and it won him the first prize when he graduated from the École Niedermeyer de Paris. It was first performed in 1866, with an accompaniment of strings and organ. Its first publication came ten years later, and an orchestra version (possibly arranged by the composer himself) was released in 1906. The text Verbe égal au Très-Haut, is a paraphrase by Jean Racine of ... 更多

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RecordingCantique de Jean Racine, Op. 11 (female voices and piano arr. - Selva Vocale)


Cantique de Jean Racine, Op. 11


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