Teresa Carreño

Teresa Carreño 樂譜

María Teresa Carreño García de Sena was a Venezuelan pianist, singer, composer, and conductor. The Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex in Caracas is named after her, as is a crater on Venus. She composed at least 40 works for piano, 2 for voice and piano, 2 for choir and orchestra include the Himno a Bolivar, and 2 as chamber music. She also left many incomplete works. She wrote a song called Tendeur, which was a "hit" in her time. On April 2, 1905, she recorded 18 pieces for the reproducing piano Welte-Mignon. Her daughter Teresita recorded in 1906 for Welte-Mignon as well.

  • 出生日期: 22nd 十二月 1853
  • 卒於: 12th 六月 1917
  • 出生地: Caracas, Venezuela