Selim Palmgren

Selim Palmgren 樂譜

  • 出生日期: 16th 二月 1878
  • 卒於: 13th 十二月 1951
  • 出生地: Pori, Finland

Selim Gustaf Adolf Palmgren dubbed "The Finnish Chopin", was a Finnish composer, pianist, and conductor. Palmgren was born in Pori, Finland, February 16, 1878. He studied at the Conservatory in Helsinki from 1895 to 1899, then continued his piano studies in Berlin with Ansorge, Berger and Busoni. He conducted choral and orchestral societies in his own country and made several very successful concert tours as a pianist in the principal cities of Finland and Scandinavia, appearing also as a visiting conductor. In 1921, he went to the United States, where he taught composition at the Eastman School of Music, later returning to Finland.