Heinrich Zöllner 樂譜

  • 出生日期: 4th 七月 1854
  • 卒於: 4th 五月 1941
  • 出生地: Leipzig, Germany

Heinrich Zöllner was a German composer and conductor. Zöllner's compositions include 10 operas, five symphonies, several large-scale works for chorus and orchestra, five string quartets, overtures, works for solo andfour-hand piano, choral music, lieder, and numerous smaller vocal pieces. Like his father, Zöllner composed a significant amount of pieces for men's chorus. However, unlike his father, he showed a preference for large scale works with full orchestral accompaniment. He is probably best remembered for his 1899 opera Die versunkene Glocke, which enjoyed frequent revivals up until the outbreak of World War II.