George Job Elvey

George Job Elvey 樂譜

  • 出生日期: 27th 三月 1816
  • 卒於: 9th 十二月 1893
  • 出生地: Canterbury, England

Sir George Job Elvey was an English organist and composer. He matriculated from New College on 17 May 1838, and graduated Mus. Bac. on 2 June following, his exercise being an oratorio, 'The Resurrection and Ascension,' afterwards performed by the Sacred Harmonic Society at Exeter Hall (12 November 1838), and subsequently at Boston, United States of America, and at Glasgow. On 2 July 1840, by a special dispensation of the chancellor of the university, Elvey graduated Mus. Doc. two years earlier than was allowed by the statutes. His exercise on this occasion was the anthem, 'The ways of Zion do mourn.' Two anthems, with orchestral accompaniments, 'The Lord is King,' and 'Sing, Heavens,' were written respectively for the Gloucester festival of 1853 and the Worcester festival of 1857. Of his best-known works produced chiefly between 1856 and 1860 many were composed for special services at St. George's Chapel. By the death of the Prince Consort in 1861, Elvey lost one of his most sympathetic patrons. The funeral anthems, 'The Souls of the Righteous' and 'Blessed are the Dead,' were both written for anniversary services in memory of the prince. For the marriage of the Prince of Wales (1863) he composed a special anthem, with organ and orchestral accompaniment, 'Sing unto God,' and for the marriage of Princess Louise (1871) a festal march which attained considerable popularity.