Georges Hüe

Georges Hüe 活页乐谱

  • 出生日期: 6th 五月 1858
  • 卒于: 7th 六月 1948
  • 出生地: Versailles, France

Georges Hüe was a French composer, born in Versailles (France) into a family of architects. His musical education included studies with Charles Gounod and César Franck. In 1879, he won the Prix de Rome with his cantata Médée. Upon his return to Paris, the Opéra Comique produced his first stage work, Les Pantins ("The Jumping Jacks"). This plotless, two-act set-piece for four singers doubling roles completely ignored fashionable realist trends of the day, and won high acclaim. For the next twenty years, his musical career went in other directions. His following operas were Le Roi de Paris, Titania, Le Miracle, and Dans l'ombre de la cathédrale, which was his most successful work. Following his own travels to the Far East, he wrote Siang-Sin, a ballet-pantomime created for a Chinese spring festival in 1924. During his lifetime, Hüe wrote a broad range of other compositions, including choral work, flute pieces, etc. His work garnered the admiration of colleagues such as Claude Debussy and Gabriel Fauré. Hüe died in Paris in 1948.