Baldassare Galuppi

Baldassare Galuppi 活页乐谱

  • 出生日期: 18th 十月 1706
  • 卒于: 3rd 一月 1785
  • 出生地: Burano, Venice, Italy

Baldassare Galuppi was an Italian composer, born on the island of Burano in the Venetian Republic. He achieved international success, spending periods of his career in London and Saint Petersburg, but his main base remained Venice. In his early career Galuppi made a modest success in opera seria, but from the 1740s, together with playwright Carlo Goldoni, he became famous throughout Europe for his comic operas in the new dramma giocoso style. To the succeeding generation of composers he was known as "the father of comic opera". Some of his mature operas were also widely popular. Throughout his career Galuppi held official positions with several institutions in Venice, even becoming head of music at the Doge's chapel, St Mark's Basilica. In these capacities he composed a large amount of religious music. He was also highly regarded as a virtuoso performer. After Galuppi's death his music was largely forgotten. It was not until the last years of the 20th century that his works were extensively revived in performance and on record.